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The image below is an aerial view from 1963.  Site M-74 Headquarters and Integrated Fire Control Area (IFC) set back off Davidson Road in, then, the Town of Pewaukee.  The mailing address was Waukesha Wisconsin so it was known at the Waukesha Site.

The Battery Headquarters is the area outlined in red below.  This included the administrative tasks, the barracks, mess hall,  supply room, motor pool and other related activities and facilities.
The photo at the right is the entrance to Hillcrest Park.  This was the Main Gate (actually the only gate) to Site M-74.

This photo was taken around 2006 and the entrance is still in the same condition.

Straight ahead through the gate is the original Mess Hall, as expanded (an addition on the west side doubling the original space).
The Waukesha Nike Site (M-74) was deeded to the City of Waukesha in 1972 as part of the federal property to parks program.  The gift included the parcel of land on Davidson Road - now known as Hillcrest Park, and the parcel of land on Cleveland Avenue, then in the Town of Waukesha, that was the Battery Launcher Area.
To the left -

This is the Barracks area, with the building gone.  The visible concrete is the remains of the Barracks floors.  The aerial image above shows the near rectangle shape of the original buildings.
Carrol Tilley
Back Row - Dawson, Webb, Taylor, Tilley, Mobley
Front Row - Cencebaugh, Phelps
Back Row - Bob Melott, Charles Phillips, Capt. ________, Bill Webb, Carl White
Front Row - First Sgt Jore, Ray Phelps, Larry Alligood, Carrol Tilley

Back Row - Taylor, Tilley, Cencebaugh
Front Row - Shafer ?, Phelps, Pearson
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