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The New Milwaukee Missile
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This is the same image shown on the Headquarters page.

On this copy of the image the area outlined in red below is the Integrated Fire Control (IFC) Area. 

On the right -

This is a photo of the expanded Mess Hall taken from the southwest
area behind the building.  The addition can be identified by looking at the roof line from the corner to the right.

The Administration building (Day Room, Orderly Room, Supply Room and like activities) was razed for the Mess Hall addition.

That building was just off the paved area in the foreground in the flat grass area.
To the left -

This photo was taken from the west of the Battery Headquarters looking west to the IFC Area.

On the left is the remains of two radar towers left when the site was inactivated.  A building with a shallow sloping roof is visible to the right of the radar towers.

Between the radar towers and the building is what may appear to be part of a gray wall with a fence on top.

This object is a City of Waukesha facility added after the Site became a city park.
To the right -

This is the main entrance to the reinforced building added to Site M-74 IFC Area after the Wisconsin National Guard took the Site over in 1964.
The the two trailers (vans) that housed the IFC equipment were relocated to this building.

A second entrance, to the crew quarters, is visible on the other end of the building in the photo above.

The roadway visible is the roadway leading to the IFC Area in the image at the top of the page.
To the left -

This is the rear view of the reinforced building added to Site M-74 after 1964.  The two vans (trailers) that housed the IFC control equipment were behind the two large doors on the left end of the rear wall.  The remaining space was crew quarter.

Above the building one of the remaining radar towers is visible.

On the right of the photo is part of the wall of the City of Waukesha facility added after the Site became a city park.
This image is from 1963 while Site M-74 was manned by the Army.  The Site had been converted from the Ajax missile to the Hercules missile by then.

The original radar layout is near the bottom and across the image.  The left (empty) spot was the original location of the Target Track Radar and the mid (empty) spot was the original location of the Ajax Battery Acquisition Radar.

Following the conversion to the Hercules missile the newer radars were rearranged and mounted on towers.  The collimation mast was relocated to the right of the radars.
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