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The image below is an aerial view from 1963.  This is Site M-74 Launcher Area.  The reinforced crew building is not in this image as it  was added after 1964.
To the left - from top of image down

The three Magazines were Section A (lower), Section B (mid) and Section C (upper). Section C Magazine was of the Hercules missile size and does have an elevator mounted launcher.

Section A and B were smaller Ajax size magazines. The elevators could not support a Hercules missile launcher. So Section A and B have four above ground launchers and handling rails on the elevator.

The Missile Assembly building is to the right of Section A. The Warhead Mating building is in the Revetment Area, the earth berms to the right of Section B.

The crew Ready Room is near the bottom left inside the fence. There are cars outside of the fence.
Look closely at the image above for the Exclusion Area fence around the three Launcher Sections.  The entrance to the Exclusion Area is to the right of Section C (see the black and white square spots).  Only authorized individuals were allowed into the Exclusion Area.
To the left -

This photo was taken in 2006. Little has changed since the photo was taken.

The crew Ready Room and the Guard House are gone.

Just at the right edge of the photo a small part of the reinforced crew quarters building added after 1964 is visible.

A red rectangle outlines the area of the crew quarters.

To the right -

This is a view, from a slightly different position, of the crew quarter building added after 1964. This building also housed the Launcher Control Trailer (LCT) - see the large opening on the right side of the front of the building.

The crew entrance is the open area next to the LCT wall cover.
To the left -

This is another view of the Crew Quarter and Equipment building, from just inside the gate area.

The concrete remains in the foreground was the floor of the Ready Room used by the Army.
To the right -

This is a view of the road up to the top of the hill.  Our Launcher Control Trailer (LCT) was off to the right just a bit up from the bottom of the photo.
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