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The New Milwaukee Missile
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Launcher Photos
To the left -

This is a very good rendition of a Nike Ajax missile magazine. The elevator doors are open, a Nike Ajax missile is being moved onto the elevator mounted launcher. There is a crewman "on top" waiting for the elevator, with another missile, to reach the surface.

To the left of the crewman above ground two other missiles are being elevated.

Below -

This is a beauty of a picture. The "remains" of a Nike Air Defense Missile magazine some years after the Army deactivated the Site. We are at the front of the "Pit" looking to the elevator hydraulics just to the left of the elevator platform. Part of the Pit ventilation system is seen on the right side of the elevator.

The elevator doors are closed. The elevator deck is rusty. The handling racks and elevator mounted launcher were removed.
Above -

A Hercules missile fully elevated into the firing position.

The firing position is not 90 degree (fully verticle) so that the booster cluster will land in a predetermined disposal area.
Above -

A Hercules missile being elevated - not yet fully into the firing position.

Note the men at the bottom left of the missile, for size comparison with the missile.
Above - This photo is a Nike Hercules firing in Korea.  This is a launch at the Sea Range.
Above - four Nike Hercules missiles being elevated to the firing position.
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